OGI in the News: Protect state employees from politicized “Independent” Ethics Commission

“Imagine walking into a courtroom where the judge is also the prosecutor,” ponders OGI’s Jessica Peck. “He’s also a political foe. And the substance of the charges...

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Key Staffer in Scandal Over Obamacare Numbers Changes Jobs

In the aftermath of a request by a leading Republican to investigate reports that U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s staff pressured administrative officials to inflate numbers of this insured under the...

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You Decide: If you shake hands with the devil, have you lost your right to have secrets kept?

The question roaring through city hall in Colorado Springs this week: should council members be forced to sign a confidentiality agreement when reviewing financial documents related to several...

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OGI’s Peck For Denver Post: The Criminalization of Childhood

“Columbine. It’s a word that has haunted me and countless others of my generation since its savage moment in history came to define the waning days of our childhoods,” writes OGI...

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Chief Attorney’s Spouse Sheds Light on Controversial 2013 Adams County Shakeup

As reported by The Denver Post this week, the husband of an Adams County chief attorney is shedding light on her 2013 termination, alleging that embattled county commissioners accepted...

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Denver judge rejects lawsuit on Colorado’s new election law

Nov 05, 13 Denver judge rejects lawsuit on Colorado’s new election law

Posted by in Truth Check

Late on the night before Election Day, Denver District Judge Michael Martinez rejected a lawsuit aimed at Colorado’s new election law. The suit filed Saturday claimed the Colorado Secretary of...

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