YOU DECIDE: But officer….the light was orange!

Jan 18, 12 YOU DECIDE: But officer….the light was orange!

Here at OGI, we dream of the day when our children will be judged not by….annoying, hidden, tax generating red light ticket cameras…. but instead by a real judge in a real court of law.  Is this too much?

Sen. Scott Renfroe, a Republican state Senator from Greeley, doesn’t think so.  Renfroe has introduced a bill that would just say NO to Big Brother monitoring our state’s traffic intersections.  According to multiple news reports and legitimate studies, red light cameras do little to deter accidents–and in some cases, are blamed for causing more.  Renfroe’s bill goes a step further than the Denver City Council’s vote this week to eliminate tickets generated by the cameras for those drivers guilty of nothing more than stopping a few inches past the white pedestrian line.  It would extend the ban to all red light camera tickets.

Critics allege that the cameras are about nothing more than generating additional tax revenue.  If that’s true, let’s quit the ruse.  More important to us, we are creeped out by the idea of Big Brother monitoring our every move.  These cameras eliminate the law enforcement middle man and they discount the individual’s ability to argue his or her way out of a ticket.  This cold, mail-delivered system invokes skepticism and rightfully so.  Do we really want a world where machines decide our guilt or innocence?

What do you think?  Should Big Brother monitor our actions?